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New for November

W.S Tyler OS 8 Rotap (AA-6229), Gast Vacuum Pump (AA-6630), Gast Vacuum Pump (AA-6631), Littleford 125L (AA-6632), Stokes BB2 (45 station) (AA-6633), Bico Pulverizer Type UA (AA-6635), Sepor Sampler (AA-6636), Gilson Sample Splitter MDL. SP-1 (AA-6637), Sepor Jar Mill 1 tier 48(AA-6638), Titan Batch Lab Jar Mill (AA-6639), Armenco Lab Disperser (AA-6640) Sepor Lab Sample Splitter SS (AA-6441)

October Arrivals

Fitzpatrick D-6 Comminutor (AA-6610), Quadro Mill (AA-650), U.S. Stoneware MDL. 755 RVM (AA-6613), Simpson /National Engineering 05 Muller (AA-6618), Simpson /National Engineering 05 Porta Muller (AA-6619), Simpson /National Engineering LFUD 24 Muller (AA-6620), Eirich RV02 (AA-6622), Stokes MDL . 516 (DD2) 31 Stations (AA-6623), Stokes MDL 516 (DD2) 23 Stations (AA-6624), Aaron 24 Cu Ft SS Ribbon Blender (AA-6625), Hosokawa Mikro Pul 1SH (AA-6626), Carrier Fluid Bed Dryer (AA-6627), Eirich RV02 (AA-6628)

August Additions

Stokes 511 Eureka (AA-6589), Starkey MDL. 851 S.S. Pug Mill (AA-6590), 1.5 Ton Lab Press (AA-6608)


U.S. Stoneware 24 Jar Mill (AA-6581), Lindberg MDL.STF55-666C-1Tube Furnace (AA-6582), Lindberg MDL.STF55-666C-1Tube Furnace (AA-6583), Simpson Mix Muller MDL. LF (AA-6584), U.S. Stoneware MDL. 564 Pebble Mill (AA-6585), U.S. Stoneware MDL. 564 Pebble Mill (AA-6586), Sweco 30 Vibro Energy Separator (AA-6587), Eirich MDL. RV02 (AA-6588)



  Baldwin Model 20

75 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press dual motion, 2-1/4" maximum depth of fill, maximum diameter of table 3", maximum length of table 6".

Stock Number: AA-6463

Baldwin Model 20 75 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press