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U.S. Stoneware 3 Tier jar mill (AA-6730) , Micropulverizer Model 2DH S.S.(AA-6731) , W.S. Tyler Original Style Sieve Shaker (AA-6732) , ATM Sonic Sifter (AA-6733), Vanderkamp Density Tester (AA-6734) W.S. Tyler Rotap RX-29 with sound enclosure cabinet (AA-6735), Stokes Tornado Mill Model 440 (AA-6736) , Hyrdramet HC-30B (AA-6738), Dorst DK-3 (AA-6739) , Dorst DK-3 (AA-6740) Ross DPM-4 S.S. Mixer (AA-6741) Vollrath Vertical Lab John Mill (AA-6742) U.S. Stoneware Jar mill Model 764AVM (AA-6743)

We want to thank our customers who have taken advantage of our satellite offices and we continue to look forward to being of service (office info below)

Aadvanced Machinery Inc., The Nation’s leader in Process Equipment has opened two new satellite locations! As always our home office in Clinton Township, Michigan is available for service. Please contact Dr. David Crosson / Illinois AadvancedChicago@gmail.com Ryan Crosson / UK/Europe AadvancedLondon @gmail.com Tim Crosson, Ryan Macik, & Sara Lyons service@aadvancedmach.com

October Arrivals

Little ford Model M-22 w/ vacuum & oil system (AA-6719),Paul O Abbe Jar Mill 48” Long Rolls (AA-6722),Baldwin Model #20 75 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press (AA-6723), Baldwin Model #20 75 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press (AA-6724), Baldwin Model #20 75 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press (AA-6725), Paul O. Abbe Ball Mill Model 5A, Type A (AA-6726) Simpson Model LF-UD S.S. Lab Muller (AA-6727), U.S. Stoneware 755 RMV Jar mill (AA-6728)


Stokes Model R-4 (AA-6697) , Stokes Model R-4 (AA-6698) , Stokes Granulator (AA-6699), Stokes Model T-4 (AA-6703), Stokes F-4 (AA-6704), CM Small Pusher Furnace (AA-6705), CM Small Pusher Furnace (AA-6706), Patterson Kelley 20 CU ft. Vee Blender (AA-6707), Paul O Abbe Steel Ball Mill (AA-6708) , Coppus PFX-1500 Smog Hog (AA-6712), Patterson Kelley Lab Vee Blender 16 Qt. SS with Bar (AA-6709)



  Paul O. Abbe

2 Tier Jar mill

Stock Number: AA-6457

Paul O. Abbe  2 Tier Jar mill