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March Arrivals

W.S. Tyler 8 OS Rotap (AA-6483), U.S. Stoneware Jar Mill mdl. 753 RVM (AA-6484), Stokes mdl. R-4 Dsn#1(AA-6485), Eirich mdl. R09T (AA-6486), Pentronix mdl. 1204 (AA-6487), Patterson stainless steel 3 cu. ft., capacity, cone blender/ vacuum processor (AA-6488),Stokes mdl. T-4 (AA-6489), K.R. Wilson Platen Press 75 ton (AA-6490),NRM Single Screw Extruder (AA-6491),W.S. Tyler 8 OS Rotap (AA-6492), Loomis Piston Extruder mdl. 232-40TA (AA-6493)

February Features

U.S. Stoneware Jar Mill ML. 753 RVM (AA-6473), Custom SS Ribbon Blender (AA-6475), Littleford W-10B (AA-6477), Paul O. Abbe ML. JM6 (AA-6479) ,Colton Granulator (AA-6480) , Eirich R09W (AA-6481), Sweco Screener 18 (AA-6482)

Mid December Additions

Littleford mdl. W-10 High Intensity mixer (AA-6466), Littleford mdl. W-200 High Intensity mixer (AA-6468), Arburg Injector mdl. 221-55-250 (AA-6477), Leco mdl. CM-15 Cut off saw (AA-6471), Mikro Pulverizer mdl. 1SH (AA-6461a), U.S. Stoneware OP Mill (AA-6472)

December Features

WAB Turbula mdl. T2-C (AA-6443), (7) W.S. Tyler New Style Model B Rotap mdl. RX-30 (AA-6447 thru AA-6453), Simpson/ National Engineering mdl. LF-UD lab muller (AA-6455), Paul O Abbe Double Tier Jar Mill (AA-6457), Micro Pulverizer mdl. 2 (AA-6461), Jacobson Hammer mill mdl. 2424DCF11 (AA-6462), Gasberre 5 ton press Ml. 5D5 (AA-6459), Gasberre 30 ton press mdl. DD-30-1 (AA-6460), Baldwin Defiance mdl. #20 (AA-6463)



  Paul O. Abbe

Ball Mill Cylinder, Model 5A, Type A 37" diameter X 48" long ID, 204 total gallon capacity. New Urethane lining with lifter bars, new door, and new shafts.

Stock Number: AA-6292

Paul O. Abbe Ball Mill Cylinder, Model 5A, Type A