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Simac / Monostatic 400 Series II DRY BAG Iso Press (AA-6909), Patterson-Kelley 10 Cu. Ft. S.S. Vee Blender with Pin type intensifier bar (AA-6937), Patterson-Kelley 1 Cu. Ft. S.S. Vee Blender (AA-6938), Eirich RV02 (AA-6939), U.S. Stoneware Jar Mill MDL. 755 RMV (AA-6940), Eirich RV02 (AA-6941)

August Additions!

Dorst TPA-45 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6872), Dorst TPA-60 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6873),Lee 250 Gallon Jacketed Kettle w/agitator (AA-6892), Groen 300 Gallon Jacketed Kettle w/agitator (AA-6893),Stokes T Press (AA-6895) ,Paul O abbe JM-40 Ceramic Jar Mill (AA-6896),U.S. Stoneware Jar mill Model 755 RMV (AA-6905), Stokes SS Granulator Model 43-4 (AA-6906) , Autoclave CIP62330 Iso Press (AA-6910), Autoclave CIP62330 Iso Press (AA-6913),Autoclave CIP62330 Iso Press (AA-6914), Autoclave CIP62330 Iso Press (AA-6915), Bussmann / Mannesmann-Meer Model HPM 100S, 110 ton, Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press (AA-6926), Sweco GyraMax Rectangular screener (AA-6907), Rotex Screener Model 342A AAM G (AA-6912), Rotex Screener Model 342A AAM (AA-6927), Rotex Screener Model 342A AAM (AA-6928), Rotex Screener Model 342A AAM (AA-6929)

May Features

Day Sigma Mixer SS 150 Cu. Ft. Working Capacity (AA-6880), Stokes F press (AA-6883) , Fitzmill D-6 (AA-6884) , Stokes RB2 Tablet press (AA-6885) , Autoclave IP14-36-25 Wet Bag Iso Press (AA-6886) , Baldwin Model # 20 (AA-6887) Bussmann / Mannesmann-Meer Model HPM 100S, 110 ton, Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press (AA-6888), Gruenberg Oven Model TK450240, 450F , electric (AA-6889)

March Arrivals

Patterson Kelley 20 Cu. Ft. Vee Blender 200 Cu. Ft. Bulk Density (AA-6862), Paul O. Abbe 57 Gallon Ceramic OP Mill (AA-6863), Paul O. Abbe Ball Mill Model # 6(AA-6864), U.S. Stoneware Model 564, 27 Gallon Ceramic OP mill (AA-6865) , U.S. Stoneware Model 564, 12 Gallon Ceramic OP mill (AA-6866) , Paul O. Abbe 2 Tier jar mill(AA-6867) , 17 Mill Jars(AA-6868), Original style Tyler 8 Sieve Shaker (AA-6869)




Aadvanced Machinery buys and sells process blenders from lab to production sizes. Generally blenders are considered for gentle and efficient blending of one or more materials to create a homogeneous mix. Whether your application calls for a twin shell vee blender, double cone blender, ribbon blender, paddle blender or turbula blender, contact Aadvanced Machinery with your requirements.


Whether buying or selling, contact us for:

  • Patterson-Kelley Twin Shell (vee) lenders
  • Gemco Twin Shell (vee) Blenders
  • Gemco Double Cone Blenders
  • Patterson Double Cone Blenders
  • Abbe Double Cone Blenders
  • J.H. Day Ribbon Blenders
  • J.H. Day Paddle Blenders
  • Sprout Waldron Ribbon Blenders
  • Abbe Ribbon Blenders
  • Marion Paddle Blenders
  • WAB Turbula Blenders
  • Glen Mills Turbula Blenders

  Blenders, Twin Shell (vee)/ Double Cone

Aadvanced Machinery stocks a wide array of twin shell (vee) and double cone blenders, dryers, and processors. These versatile blenders allow gentle and precise blending using a tumble type action.

  Blenders, Paddle/Ribbon

Aadvanced Machinery supplies used and reconditioned Ribbon Blenders and Paddle Blenders. These widely used blenders utilize a horizontal trough-type mixing vessel with a horizontal ribbon agitator or horizontal shaft with mounted paddle blades for agitation.

  Blenders, turbula/drum tumbler/drum roller

Aadvanced Machinery sells used and reconditioned blenders typically used for container blending. Turbula Blenders from WAB and Glen Mills provide precise blending of powders with a unique blending action. Turbula Blenders are available in a variety of sizes and are world renowned for process repeatability.

Aadvanced Machinery also sells drum tumblers and drum rollers for containers up to 55 gallons.